The STARK Speaker offers a choice between two formidable control units: a dynamic 120W variant for nuanced and immersive sound, and a robust 180W option for those seeking to elevate their sonic experience to new heights. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the powerhouse 333W unit, tailored for audiophiles in pursuit of sonic nirvana.



Keep the melodies flowing with our array of versatile battery configurations. Starting with a dependable 16V; 15Ah LiFe battery, extend your playtime with the 16V; 30Ah option. For extended musical marathons, opt for the high-capacity 16V; 50Ah LiPo battery, ensuring uninterrupted music enjoyment.



The STARK Speaker isn’t just about volume; it’s a smart powerhouse packed with features:

  • Bass Boost: Elevate every track with deep, resonant bass that you can truly feel.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Seamlessly connect via HDMI, Optical in, Bluetooth, Aux in/out, and more.
  • Microphone and Guitar Inputs: Plug in your microphones and guitars with the dedicated 1/4″ jack, perfect for live performances or karaoke sessions.
  • Dual Infrared Microphones: Enjoy wireless convenience with 2 infrared microphones, ideal for events and gatherings.
  • Intuitive LED Screen: Effortlessly navigate through sound settings using the clear LED display.


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