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Introducing the STARK Speaker, a blend of high-fidelity performance and timeless design to revamp your listening experience.

50,000 mAh

A robust 50,000mAh battery keeps your tunes playing for up to three days straight.


Commanding 300W output for sound that fills the room.

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Turn any room into a live concert.

The STARK Speaker brings out the best in your favourite beats and podcasts with its crystal-clear audio output. Enjoy rich, detailed sound that turns any room into a live concert.

Engineered for quality in a retro-modern aesthetic that complements any space.

The STARK Speaker comes in two robust control unit options: a dynamic 120W unit for detailed, rich audio, and a potent 180W unit for those seeking to amp up their listening experience. And keep your eyes peeled – we’re gearing up to launch an even more powerful unit, the 333W, designed for audiophiles chasing the zenith of sound.

With HDMI, Optical in, Bluetooth, Aux in/out, and more for seamless connection to all your devices.

Keep the party going with our versatile battery configurations. We start with a reliable 16V; 15Ah LiFe battery, expandable to 16V; 30Ah for extended playtime. For those looking for an all-night experience, we offer a high-capacity 16V; 50Ah LiPo battery, ensuring the music never stops.

Encased in an elegant particle board enclosure, the STARK Speaker is a statement of both style and durability. We choose not to dwell on our use of premium pleader options as the STARK’s visuals speak for themselves – a masterpiece in any setting.

Designed to withstand the elements, the speaker’s IPX5 water-resistant rating makes it perfect for worry-free listening indoors or outdoors, come rain or shine.

Beyond its sonic abilities, the STARK Speaker showcases a retro-inspired style that’s built from high-quality materials, ensuring it not only sounds good but also stands the test of time.

stark speaker

More than just a sonic device

Pioneering a New Era of Sound Excellence

The STARK Speaker is more than just a sonic device; it’s a statement piece that reflects your discerning taste in audio quality and design aesthetics. Get ready to transcend everyday listening into an exquisite, audial sensation with the STARK Speaker—where style, performance, and durability sing in perfect harmony.


where style, performance, and durability sing in perfect harmony.

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Whether you’re preparing for a grand event or an intimate gathering, it stands as the ultimate audio companion, promising unparalleled performance without compromises.

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For those who live for the beat and thrive on the rhythm, STARK is your sound sanctuary.

A symphony of tech and talent.

Whether you’re setting up for a large venue or an intimate gathering, it is your go-to audio solution that promises performance without compromise. Experience the power of carefully engineered sound with the STARK Speaker; it’s not just music, it’s a revolution.